April 07, 2010

The Rush to 80 - Again

When this blog was just created I wrote a post about getting to level 80 as fast as possible. This is a followup to that post. And no, I did not just ding 80 on another alt. I can't stand Northrend levelling, there's just too damn much of it.

I believe that it's the "the game starts at level cap" attitude that's behind this. Blizzard only adds to this by putting all the cool stuff at the current level cap. This isn't unique to WotLK either, back in TBC you had to be level 70 to get a nether drake for example. Heck, you had to be 70 just to have a flying mount in the first place. In a way I can understand this, putting such grinds in the mid-levels will trivialize the grind for capped characters, but this is more of a flaw in the level based system, and not with WoW itself.

Last time I wrote about this it was about how you had to rush to keep up, which is not entirely true any more. This time I will talk about other consequences that I haven't seen discussed elsewhere yet. (That's not to say they haven't, they might have without me noticing, but that's beside the point.) It's about what people will do to get to the level cap as fast as possible. I am not talking about account sharing, it's their prerogative to do that as it doesn't really affect me. What does affect me though is the camping of named quest mobs.

I remember levelling my hunter from 70 to 80 back when WotLK was released. There were often several people camping the spawn spot of named quest mobs, simply because only one spawns at a time. Because of this I used every trick I could think of to skip ahead in the queue, mostly placing a trap on the exact spot. Yes, I was acting like a total asshole. But I had to, or some class with cheap AoE would get ahead of me by spamming it. Tragedy of the commons really, it takes one idiot make the rest fall to his/her level (yes, women can be assholes too, but again I'm veering off topic).

Why don't people just group up for the quest mob? There were rarely more than five people from each faction anyway, and every now and then someone smartened up and invited me so we both would get credit, and I happily accepted. That was rare though. WoW has taught people that grouping sucks, so people won't go to the hassle of actually inviting others for one time occurences like this. That is one thing I will give the WoW haters. WoW encourages anti-social behaviour, and this is just another way the game does this.

I could go on a long rant about how loot is another such factor, but that's an entirely different topic.

I should start writing something on all the "different topics" I've mentioned in my posts, and maybe I will. Time will tell.

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