February 26, 2010

LFD Queue Times for DPS?

Oh yeah, I am back with more paranoiac ideas of how WoW's LFD system really works. Well, I only made one post about it already, and it was more about unforeseen consequences, but that's allright, because that's what this post is about as well.

I have a level 80 DPS character on two different servers in two different battlegroups, and I've noticed some real differences on queue times in LFD. On one server even DPS queue times are almost instant, and rarely more than 1-2 minutes. On the other queue times are easily 15 minutes as DPS, the usual. Why is this? Does the first battlegroup have a more favourable tank/healer/DPS ratio? Perhaps, I but also notice DPS time out on the ready check. It's always a DPS player, never the tank or the healer. My guess is that queues maybe are much longer after all there, at least the interface often says 10 minutes or more, but I get groups much faster than that.

I wonder if it has something to do with those time-outing players. A group is found for them, a DPS fails to respond in time, and I am next in line. But I doubt this, because I signed recently, which would put me further back in the queue. So what else could it be?

Another thing that sets my two DPS characters apart is the fact that one is better geared. She is running around with lotsa frost emblem gear and some ICC10 drops, while my other DPS character only has tier 9 stuff and crappy rings/trinkets. And Blizzard have said it officially that LFD tries to group up well geared characters with less well geared ones. My second DPS has rather average gear, if not sub-average, so she doesn't get any priority, while my first one, the one in ICC10 gear is pretty high on the gear scale.

What also has to be considered is the fact that my ICC10 geared DPS doesn't need triumph emblems anymore, so I only do one random heroic per day for the frost emblems, and she is not the only one in that situation. What does this mean? It means that there are less well geared players in the LFD queue than average/badly geared players. It's like the whole tank shortage. There's a shortage of well geared DPS in LFD because the well geared ones only do one random heroic per day for their frost emblems. It might be they run more than one per day to help gear up guildies, but that is usually done in full guild groups, which doesn't benefit solo queuers at all.

I am looking forward to Cataclysm so I can find out if my theory still holds water when everybody is at the same gear level. Until the first major content patch at least.

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  1. Playing my tank mainly, I've never had to wait more than a nana-second in a queue with the Dungeon Finder. I'm quite curious to try it with some DPS alts and see how it compares actually.

    I have no idea about the whole Battlegroup thing. Not even sure if we have it in Europe as there may not be enough servers.

    Nice post btw :)