February 09, 2010

Flying Goblins with Bows

Orc love, isn't it sweet? A shame that my hunter can't go hit on female grunts like she did last year. I am weird, I know. Somehow orc girl love sounds hilarious to me.

Anyway, like everybody who has been keeping up to date with their blogroll lately know, the Love is in the Air world event has changed. Which is a good thing if you ask me, doing the same event year after year gets boring. I hope the Lunar Festival gets an overhaul as well, it hasn't changed in 4-5 years, apart from scaling up Omen to the new level caps.

Another good thing is that I can finally get my Flying Goblin permanently now without resorting to pure luck. Of course that means everybody else who doesn't mind grinding can have one too, but I don't care. Well, not a lot anyway. It's not like I see the little bugger flying around a lot. I just hope he doesn't outdps me, now that would've been embarrassing...

So here he is, my little goblin:

Yeah, I had an early start on goblins. The wings are a pre-order bonus. Just kidding of course.

He is not getting my epic engineering ammo though.

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