February 15, 2010

Being Blessed By Elune is SO Last Year

This year there appears to be a slight overlap between Love is in The Air and the Lunar Festival. I don't mind this, after all the Lunar Festival gives me a strong "been there, done that" vibe, unlike Love is in the Air, which got revamped, apparently due to it being too freaking RNG-dependant last year.

The Lunar Festival on the other hand is hardly RNG-dependant at all, and never was. In fact, it hasn't changed at all since the first time I took part in it four years ago. The only addition was putting elders in the new expansion content, which hardly is "new". It just means we have to travel more. And no, I don't consider giving Omen more hit points and making him do more damage "new". He still looks like like the big brother of one of Varulva's pets. (Which happens to be a pet she never uses due to the fact that neither of her specs is Beast Mastery, and even if she had such a spec she would be using her wolf or bear anyway depending on what she wanted to do, so much for pet equalizing.)

I even got Varulva the title last year just for the sheer hell of it, so I don't see the point in doing all that stuff again this year, even on an alt. Ironically the pant suits look better on my characters than the dresses, and yes, most of them are female. (The characters, not the dresses. At least my male undead bank alt looks fancy in his purple one.) This world event sorely lacks new and exciting stuff to do, in contrast to Love is in the Air, something I commented on in my previous post. The Lunar Festival needs a tiny flying night elf with a bow. Or a flashlight, to keep in style with the event.

At least there are some positive things about this event. I gives my dorfadin and my newly rolled shaman knowledge of the flight path to Moonglade so they won't have to massacre a bunch of bearmen so that another bunch of bearmen won't kill them on sight. Well, unless they for some reason want to go to Winterspring. Then they're screwed. At least the female Orgrimmar revelers are as hot as always.

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