February 26, 2010

LFD Queue Times for DPS?

Oh yeah, I am back with more paranoiac ideas of how WoW's LFD system really works. Well, I only made one post about it already, and it was more about unforeseen consequences, but that's allright, because that's what this post is about as well.

I have a level 80 DPS character on two different servers in two different battlegroups, and I've noticed some real differences on queue times in LFD. On one server even DPS queue times are almost instant, and rarely more than 1-2 minutes. On the other queue times are easily 15 minutes as DPS, the usual. Why is this? Does the first battlegroup have a more favourable tank/healer/DPS ratio? Perhaps, I but also notice DPS time out on the ready check. It's always a DPS player, never the tank or the healer. My guess is that queues maybe are much longer after all there, at least the interface often says 10 minutes or more, but I get groups much faster than that.

I wonder if it has something to do with those time-outing players. A group is found for them, a DPS fails to respond in time, and I am next in line. But I doubt this, because I signed recently, which would put me further back in the queue. So what else could it be?

Another thing that sets my two DPS characters apart is the fact that one is better geared. She is running around with lotsa frost emblem gear and some ICC10 drops, while my other DPS character only has tier 9 stuff and crappy rings/trinkets. And Blizzard have said it officially that LFD tries to group up well geared characters with less well geared ones. My second DPS has rather average gear, if not sub-average, so she doesn't get any priority, while my first one, the one in ICC10 gear is pretty high on the gear scale.

What also has to be considered is the fact that my ICC10 geared DPS doesn't need triumph emblems anymore, so I only do one random heroic per day for the frost emblems, and she is not the only one in that situation. What does this mean? It means that there are less well geared players in the LFD queue than average/badly geared players. It's like the whole tank shortage. There's a shortage of well geared DPS in LFD because the well geared ones only do one random heroic per day for their frost emblems. It might be they run more than one per day to help gear up guildies, but that is usually done in full guild groups, which doesn't benefit solo queuers at all.

I am looking forward to Cataclysm so I can find out if my theory still holds water when everybody is at the same gear level. Until the first major content patch at least.

February 15, 2010

Being Blessed By Elune is SO Last Year

This year there appears to be a slight overlap between Love is in The Air and the Lunar Festival. I don't mind this, after all the Lunar Festival gives me a strong "been there, done that" vibe, unlike Love is in the Air, which got revamped, apparently due to it being too freaking RNG-dependant last year.

The Lunar Festival on the other hand is hardly RNG-dependant at all, and never was. In fact, it hasn't changed at all since the first time I took part in it four years ago. The only addition was putting elders in the new expansion content, which hardly is "new". It just means we have to travel more. And no, I don't consider giving Omen more hit points and making him do more damage "new". He still looks like like the big brother of one of Varulva's pets. (Which happens to be a pet she never uses due to the fact that neither of her specs is Beast Mastery, and even if she had such a spec she would be using her wolf or bear anyway depending on what she wanted to do, so much for pet equalizing.)

I even got Varulva the title last year just for the sheer hell of it, so I don't see the point in doing all that stuff again this year, even on an alt. Ironically the pant suits look better on my characters than the dresses, and yes, most of them are female. (The characters, not the dresses. At least my male undead bank alt looks fancy in his purple one.) This world event sorely lacks new and exciting stuff to do, in contrast to Love is in the Air, something I commented on in my previous post. The Lunar Festival needs a tiny flying night elf with a bow. Or a flashlight, to keep in style with the event.

At least there are some positive things about this event. I gives my dorfadin and my newly rolled shaman knowledge of the flight path to Moonglade so they won't have to massacre a bunch of bearmen so that another bunch of bearmen won't kill them on sight. Well, unless they for some reason want to go to Winterspring. Then they're screwed. At least the female Orgrimmar revelers are as hot as always.

February 09, 2010

Flying Goblins with Bows

Orc love, isn't it sweet? A shame that my hunter can't go hit on female grunts like she did last year. I am weird, I know. Somehow orc girl love sounds hilarious to me.

Anyway, like everybody who has been keeping up to date with their blogroll lately know, the Love is in the Air world event has changed. Which is a good thing if you ask me, doing the same event year after year gets boring. I hope the Lunar Festival gets an overhaul as well, it hasn't changed in 4-5 years, apart from scaling up Omen to the new level caps.

Another good thing is that I can finally get my Flying Goblin permanently now without resorting to pure luck. Of course that means everybody else who doesn't mind grinding can have one too, but I don't care. Well, not a lot anyway. It's not like I see the little bugger flying around a lot. I just hope he doesn't outdps me, now that would've been embarrassing...

So here he is, my little goblin:

Yeah, I had an early start on goblins. The wings are a pre-order bonus. Just kidding of course.

He is not getting my epic engineering ammo though.

February 03, 2010

Rotface Again

The Lich King is now killable and has already been slain. It will be interesting to see when I get to do it... At the moment my guild seems rather stuck on Rotface, and the whole ordeal is beginning to feel more and more like how things were on Lady Vashj for us back in TBC. We never killed her as a guild.

This time might be different though, even if it goes as far as guild implosion. What has changed? The game has, or rather the 10/25 player philosophy. Back in TBC there was only one size per raid. If you wanted to do SSC you needed 25 players, nowadays you can do every raid with only 10 people. And here is my point: my guild has a stable core big enough to do 10 player raids on a regular basis, but we are for some reason recruiting for a second 10 player team. Don't ask me why. The way I see this is that if my guild should implode over Rotface we will still be back to our core, able to continue.

Why do I believe this? Due to my guild's history. Every single time we grew big enough to do 25 player raids some drama happened that made the guild fall apart. And every time the guild fell apart the core stayed behind, trudging on. This has been true ever since I joined back in TBC, and has stayed true in WotLK. Some people in the guild see it the same way and have come to the same conclusion: stick to 10 player raids, which we have. Yet there is always someone who wants to pull together some kind of guild alliance to do 25 player raids. Our recruitment officer is also taking in everybody who can fill out a form. He is also one of the people who want 25 player raids. 2 + 2?

I have many theories as to why the guild keeps growing and shrinking like this, but I don't want to slag my guildies off, as they are great people with a drive to progress. And our core has been dang stable over the two and a half years I've been with them as well. So I wonder why some of the members of my guild want 25 player raids. We don't need the gear from the larger raid size to progress in the 10 player version. My suspicion is greed pretty much. Sure, I wouldn't mind even more inflated stats, but I also know that our guild simply isn't capable of running 25 player raids for various reasons, and I put my sanity above loot.

So yeah, this time we won't stop raiding just because we hit a brick wall. I stay because I like the people, and the ability to run all raids in 10 player mode keeps me from having to make the hard decision I faced in TBC; whether to join a "better" guild or to stay. As a matter of fact I chose the first option, but came back pretty quickly. 2 + 2 again.

The 10/25 player distinction is in my opinion the single best thing Blizzard added in WotLK. I should make a list of stuff I liked and not liked some time (yay lists!), but that's for another time.