January 18, 2010

Outdated Graphics? Whut

I don't usually put a lot of pics in my posts, but then there's the thing about them saying more than a thousand words. Which is fair enough really, a picture certainly takes up the hard drive space of a few thousand words.

So, I present to you: Rotface:

WoW's graphics might be something that looked good half a decade ago, but they keep up anyway for some reason. Some claim it's "style". It doesn't matter though. They look stunning nevertheless, and add the usual spice of Blizzard humour on top and you got a winner. (Never mind the bones on the floor, ICC is a proper raid, meaning you don't kill new bosses on the first night.) I have to say that Professor Putricide shares Blizzard's sense of humour, considering the names of his creations. He also has a... unique taste when it comes to aesthetics. I'm just glad I'm not Rotface's mum.

ICC is not only a proper raid, it's also beautiful in a rather dreary sense. I never really stopped to "smell the roses" until I started reading blogs. So I went on a screenshot rampage last night during a raid break. I am planning to travelling over the whole World of Warcraft actually, to take screens of places before they get replaced by... the same places, only different. So here's a rather ominous stair:

Yeah, perhaps there is "style" involved. The polygons are obvious, but somehow it just doesn't matter. Everybody talks about how Blizzard made such great gameplay, but why is nobody praising them for the sheer timelessness of their graphics? And I mean timeless, just look at this:

Looks like some kind of sci-fi reactor core, doesn't it? And I thought we left space ships behind in TBC... Not that I really minded that part, I have very loose definitions of genres. My point though, is that... wait a second, there was no real point to that picture apart from a very loose connection to futuristic stuff.

I think that's part of Blizzard's genius to be honest, not the "taking old stuff and polishing the hell out of it" part, but the "go for what works" part. And WoW's graphics just work, even though the number of polygons is low and the textures aren't that hi-res. I think there's a lesson here. Don't get so damn obsessed with mere numbers.

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