January 21, 2010

The Not-Very-Random Dungeon Finding Tool

What struck me recently is that whenever I do a random heroic I end up in one two places:
  1. Pit of Saron
  2. Halls of Reflection
Very rarely somewhere else. This struck me as odd on a few occasions, due to the way the LFD tool is supposed to work. I know, random is random, but this has been going on for quite a while. Is it a way for Blizzard to make sure everybody gets to see the places? Can't be, as the Forge of Souls is not on the list. It's always PoS or HoR, or if I'm (un)lucky, a truly random heroic.

I've made up a theory about why the smurf this is happening.

You see, PoS and HoR have the best drops of all the heroics. You can choose to queue up for specific heroics with the LFD tool. So, 2 + 2. Lots of people select the new ICC heroics specifically for the better drops, which means lots of half formed groups for those heroics. And along comes a bunch of players who queued for a random heroic. My theory is that the LFD tool puts the "randoms" in with the "not-randoms" if you catch my drift. And since the LFD tool may ignore instance locks the random puggers get put into the ICC heroics way more.

I doubt this was intentional, but it's how things turned out. It'll probably get better once Cataclysm is out and there's not this crazy loot disparity between heroics. But then, that could chance, you never know what Blizzard will do next to throw out gear to the masses.

1 comment:

  1. I think you're absolutely spot on. The "random" people will just get lumped into any group and if people are specifying only certain dungeons, you'll probably always end up there. I guess the only way to get truly random selection is if everyone in the group picked random.