January 29, 2010

More Alliancing

My dorfadin has now reached the glorious level of 39, one level before epic mount. He will be the first character I buy epic mount at 40 on, which brings his total firsts to three. What are they?
  1. My first Alliance character above level 18.
  2. My first level 20 mount.
  3. (soon) My first level 40 epic mount.
From this can be gathered that I haven't played Alliance much before (readers know this already though), that I haven't created new alts in WotLK at all and that I seem to be getting into the habit of writing lists.

Allright, the last one is probably a bit of a stretch.

Anyway, being one of the few who actually like Desolace (burn him!), I finished it up. It brought back memories. Oh yes it did. There's something magic about that place. What brought back most of them was this:

Yeah, that's the Valley of Bones. It made me recall levelling my, what, fourth(?) hunter through the place. (I just like hunters, shoot me, no pun intended.) I am really going to miss that place in Cataclysm. If it gets changed around that is, can't wait to see how Blizzard will turn Azeroth upside down.

So yeah, I both miss the old world but I also look forward to seeing it change. I am an explorer, a ranger. (Perhaps that explains why I like hunters.) Seeing the world change also makes the world feel more "worldy", and that is a good thing, as it was the world that hooked me. I had no idea what "the game begins at endgame" meant back when I levelled my first character, I was more into just seeing the world, doing quests chores to earn my keep. I don't want to be a hero in an MMO, I am more of an adventurer person. Of course heroes do adventuring too, but I don't care about the actual heroism part.

I also found out that I did have a connected flight path to Nijel's Point, namely Theramore. Which was good, as it saved me a long run back. I can't wait to see the whole Alliance flight map for Kalimdor, there's a huge area in the middle which dominated by Horde. (Horde has a similar problem with Badlands, you can't get there for the first time without running through Alliance lands (or by summon).) I'll probably have to go back to do Arathi Highlands and Stranglethorn Vale later though, as I skipped most of the former and all of the latter. Heirlooms plus experience nerf... not good. For "smelling the roses" at least. I hate the little achiever in me, he makes me do Silly Stuff.

And being a Horde guy at heart, I have to share this picture:

It's a bit older, but since it looks like the brother of my bank alt I just had show it.

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