January 06, 2010

I, Traitor

With 3.3 came the ability to mail heirlooms across factions, and I have taken advantage of this to have a look at "the other side". So I spent some leftover triumph emblems (they rain from the sky nowadays, they've become like gold, just bend over and pick'em up) on a good old-fashioned Arcanite Reaper and proper shoulders and chestpiece to go with it, then sent it over to my dorfadin, who I named in honour after the local friendly DPS warrior. Yesterday I even added a trinket to the mix. Now my dorfadin is nicely outfitted to dispense retribution on all the poor mobs that did him nothing wrong.

As a Horde player for about four years playing Alliance feels like a completely different game. The fact that the map shows where I can find the stuff for my quests now also helps. Back in my days we had to go to WoWhead or Thottbot to find where some dorf ear dropped, now I can just press M and the game shows me. I try to stay the smurf away from any neutral towns, because I did all the quests there on my Horde characters already, and I don't want to do them again for what feels like the hundredth time. 20% experience bonus and the nerf of experience needed to gain levels between 20 and 70 might actually allow me to do just that.

You probably guessed already why I am doing this. Yes, it's that shiny new expansion said to come out this year, and I want to see how the "better looking side" lives. And I wanted to try a paladin. Just druid to go now. That'll have to wait until Cataclysm though, since then there will actually be druid races that I feel I can identify with. Sorry, I never liked elves in WoW, whether bloody or nighty, though I am partial to the bloody ones. They actually kind of look good. But then I'm one of those lunatics who gets wet dreams from imagining massive green bodybuilder chicks swinging their axes, decapitating random strangers, especially pink ones.

Back to my dorfadin though. My few forays to Alliance have taught me one thing, and my latest trip has confirmed it: I WANT IRONFORGE AND STORMWIND. NOW. Horde cities lack the epicness of Alliance ones. Thunder Bluff comes close, but it lacks underground vaults, massive or not. But Alliance doesn't have orc chicks, so my dorfadin will remain a side project. The only way to make me go Alliance would be if paid faction changes would let me retain my original race. But no, there's no room for a pretty young orc to defect to "those pinkskins", she will have to do major cosmetic surgery in the process. She already had a facelift, and sewing that upper lip back on again was enough surgery for a lifetime. Not to mention those weird voodoo incantations that changed her eye colour.

It'll be interesting to see how far I get before Outland and Northrend take their toll. People claim that the old world sucks donkey genitalia, an assertion I have failed to prove again and a again. The theme park doesn't start properly until level 58 (or level 62, depending on how far I get in the old world), and for some reason that's when the game turns into a slog. But that's for another blog post.

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