January 07, 2010


This post at Broken Toys got me thinking. What is a good hunter weapon? What is a good HUNTRE WEPOAN? And what is the difference? I will try my best to answer the two last questions. Since my main is a hunter I consider myself entitled to do so.

First of all, a HUNTRE WEPOAN is whatever the hunter fancies. Here are some examples. And some more. Notice that they're all epic quality. Epic means it's good. And legendary means it's even more good. Plus it says "Hunter" on it, that means it's made for us, right? And yeah, roll need on maces. Blizzard might let us use them some day. I mean, we get focus aka. energy in Cataclysm, something taken from those silly backstabbers, and those silly backstabbers can use maces.

Another thing to take a look at is what other classes put in their ranged slot. Shaman stuff could work out very well for your Wind Serpent pet. The best part is, it lets us use totems! It also gives us an excuse to use our awesome HUNTRE melee WEPOANs to melee with! Just keep in mind, if you fancy it, it's a HUNTRE WEPOAN.

On to the difference between a HUNTRE WEPOAN and a hunter weapon. I've already touched on what a HUNTRE WEPOAN is. A hunter weapon on the other hand, is something actually useful. In other words, pass it to the silly backstabbers and let them try and do proper DPS with it while you destroy them with your 3000 raptor strikes. Or 2000. Or 1000. It depends on how much spell power you got. The more the better, for those imba arcane shots. Don't worry about the math stuff, it's for losers anyway.

So there you have it. HUNTRE WEPOANs are whatever you want, hunter weapons is what those nolifer minmaxers want.

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