January 16, 2010


I've always kind of liked Desolace. It's so... far away. And when I went there on my dorfadin it actually felt desolate, and I liked it that way. Most people I've brought up the subject with disagreee with me that it is an epic zone, but that is because they haven't seen a sunset at Ethel Rethor yet.

I am so glad I managed to grab a few screens of the place before the World of Warcraft's good ol' sucky 1-60 content gets replaced with a newer and shinier version. On the other hand, that sunset could actually get even better, but the Rule of Rose-Tinted Goggles says that I will prefer the old version nevertheless.

Anyway, back to my dorfadin. Now that he is in his 30s (level-wise, you never know how old those beer-swilling little buggers are) I've gotten to see various zones with both Horde and Alliance presence from the other side. Hillsbrad, Arathi and Desolace, to be exact. And yes, that swamp to the east of The Barrens. I had to get to Desolace somehow, and my dorfadin doesn't have his wings yet.

Now seasoned Alliance players might know of better ways to get from Arathi to Desolace, but I wanted to find the way on my own, based on my knowledge of the world from the perspective of a green skinned savage with an unhealthy liking for axes, which may or may not be a good plce to start.

So what I did was taking the wind r... uhm, gryphon from Refuge Pointe, a place I have been avoiding for four years, to Menethil Harbour, a place I used to go to when I was going to Molten Core back in the days. (Yes, I was so tired of the flight from UC to Kargath that I decided to spice up my travels by taking the Alliance boat and travel by epic mount most of the way instead. I was one of those rare people with epic mount back then.) From there I took the boat to Theramore. (I have taken that boat more as Horde than as Alliance, see previous parenthesis).

Well arrived in Theramore I tried as hard as I could to avoid the guards until I saw some yellow question marks on my minimap, reminding me that contrary to previous experience, these guards are not hostile. So I got the flight path and off I went along the road to The Barrens. I actually managed to not ride through Camp Taurajo, as I probably would have done if this was on one of my previously mentioned green barbarians, but I failed to remember the Barrens Guards, who true to their name, are guarding the western entrance to The Barrens. Luckily they failed to daze me so I didn't have to add a corpse run to my journey.

Stonetalon was like riding through memory lane. (The same can be said about my Barrens run actually, apart from the incident with the guards. They would probably try to make a pass at my orcette, but all they got was a chance to hit on a dorf. Literally.) I actually made a conscious effort to avoid taking the shortcut through Sun Rock Retreat, so I didn't even see the guards there. The best part was remembering my very first character running here. At level 14. Getting lost in the Charred Vale. Ah, the good old days... the game was new, and I hadn't learnt to avoid all and any risk yet.

So Desolace. Nijel's Point. A place I only saw the bottom of as Horde. And lo and behold, I got the same quest to choose side between the two warring centaur clans! And even the quest to gather their ears. Luckily the other quests were different, even though I did help collect some kodos for some goblin dude again. Only as a dorf this time. Yay! And I finally found out who the smurf that elf chick in Thunder Axe Fortress is.

Again, I Love Desolace. I should make a sig out of that. A halfway decent one like this, but Desolace themed and with hearts on. And less Staffs of Bonkitude.

My next quest? Finding out of the flight path at Nijel's Point is connected to any other flight paths I picked up.

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