December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

(I live in Norway so I feel free to use the "proper" holiday name. And yeah, we celebrate on the 24th.)

'Tis the season! Yeah, the season, and not the season. In other words, what season it is unspecified.

I could rant for hours about what season it appears to be, but that has been done so many times already there's no point in doing so. And no, I am not going for becoming a Merrymaker this year either. I don't like PvP and doing stuff that makes me unmerry to become someone who makes other people merry seems rather pointless in a game. Heck, it's not like a Merrymaker actually does more but stroke his epeen anyway. "Look at my title which half the server also has!"

Bah, I guess I failed at the non-ranting part. At least I didn't fail at failing, now that would be awkward.

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