December 21, 2009

Holy Smurf

Apparently this blog's ID on blogspot is an 18 digit number. Now that is some long scale planning if I ever saw it. 18 digits is twice as many digits as there is in a freaking billion. Yes, a whole billion. I haven't done the maths, and I doubt I ever will, but a billion on its own is one blog per seven inhabitants of planet Earth. Now add another nine orders of magnitude. 18 digits should keep Blogger going for quite a while.

In other news, my guild cleared the first wing of ICC. That's a long ride from my last post which was... over a year ago. Lots can happen in a year, but what hasn't happened yet is Cataclysm. Not even the beta. Not that I would enter it, I don't want to spoil the surprises, even though various sites I frequent will be sure to give me the good picture of the mechanics of the expansion. But then Blizzard is good at surprises. The gunship battle clearly is the most creative bossfight I've ever seen. Faction Champions doesn't count, that's just a fight against a stupid arena team. Stupidly stupid and stupidly high HP. And no jetpacks.

Engineers should be able to make jetpacks. I mean, if we can put one on a mechagnome, why can't we make scaled-up ones for ourselves? Are roflcopters all we are going to get? I sure hope we get to make our own u-boats in Cataclysm. Those would sure beat the sea turtle. Heck, a mechanical turtle will do it for me.

And yes, this post is probably the least well-ordered comeback ever. If you can call it a comeback. I was always here, hiding using my cloaking device. Honest.

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