December 27, 2009

2009, a lookback

I've been pretty much gone from this blog this year, so there is lots to tell. Or not. It all depends on how interested total strangers are in the WoW-life of some random hunter on some random European server. I figure that putting it all on the Interweb might work to familiarize people with me though, so here goes.

Naxxramas: Once I had cleared it in early January I didn't really understand what the fuss was all about. Yes, I know that January means a slow clear, but we aren't that kind of guild. I don't mind slow progress, it's better than no progress at all. This feeling of "was this all?" has followed me through the whole expansion so far. I guess it's just burnout though, after all the "big casualization" to put it in diplomatic terms has actually helped me getting to see everything. In that way I like it. In another way it removes the mystique from the big grand raid instances. The grass is always greener...

Ulduar: This one actually took a loooong time to clear for me. ToC had actually been out for a few weeks by the time I finally saw Yogg-Saron die. This was a... weird time to put it that way. My small closely knit raiding guild had merged with another small closely knit raiding guild, and in retrospect I can see that this caused lots of friction. So we eventually split again. The idea behind the merger was doing 25 player raids, which we did a lot of, but in the end my old GM decided to split. This being a guy I had played with for over a year and transferred server with in very early WotLK I didn't think twice. Hell, I don't think I even thought once. Everybody who was in his guild did the same, plus some who had joined during the merger.

Trial of the Crusader: Now this was the raid instance that showed me where Blizzard's loyalties lie. I mean 3 different tier sets, all in the same colours? Offpieces also being the same colour as the tier sets? I haven't used this smiley in years, but here it goes: ($_$) And that's before I get to the fact it's the smallest multiboss raid I've ever seen. Well, perhaps apart from Gruul's Lair, but at least that place had some rather annoying trash. At least the hardmodes were rather challenging, a shame we never got Anøøb'arak down on heroic befoe ICC hit, but at least I got to see the life leeching goodness that is phase 3.

Icecrown Citadel: It's kind of hard to tell anything about this place since only the first wing is out yet, but I liked the gunship event. I think I said that before. But I will repeat it, because it's the most awesome fight ever. Now just to wait a few months and I will say how annoying it is, stay tuned.

2009 was my Big Year Of Burnout. No wonder really, it's been four years in this game, and even though it has changed a lot the core game is still the same. Raid. Get phat lewt. Raid more. Get more phat lewt. The best part is, nowadays you don't even need to raid to get phat lewt anymore. Just ask my shaman. And my other hunter. It's the continuation of the Let Stuff Fall From The Sky policy that Blizzard adopted in TBC. It started with gold. Now they've included epics. It is really telling that it's fluff items that are the most expensive nowadays. And players fall for it. Even I.

Yup, I have over 80 minipets, some of them from "micro"transactions, but not enough to put me below the 75 needed for Bambi. Hell, I got Stinker before WotLK even hit. I also have the Tabard of the Overachiever. And over 7000 achievement points. Not to mention the bike and the tundra mammoth. This might sound like a bragging list, but when you think about it, how does any of the above change gameplay? Only the tundra mammoth is marginally useful, I only got it to be ready for Cataclysm. Running back to town sucks. And as n engineer I can just pop a mailbox when I need to send stuff to my alts. I love being self sufficient, now I hardly even need to talk to NPCs anymore.

So yeah, 2009 has been a year of drama, fluff and mammoths. And goblin passengers.

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