November 13, 2008

That's Right, the Second World of Warcraft expansion is out!

It is fortunate that I started this blog so close to Wrath of the Lich King, because it gives me a place to start when it comes to blogging about my progress in the game. Of course I could just start where I was at the moment, but it's much easier to get into things without a lot of explanation if I start at a well known point.

So anyway, WotLK is out, and I'm installing it as I'm writing this. I could of course have joined the midnight release at the local game shop, but I'm not that into the expansion, not as much as I was into the previous one, and even that I had a relaxed attitude to getting started with, at least compared to the most extreme cases. I guess that's what almost two years of semi-hardcore play does to you, it makes you realize that certain things are more important than character progression, but that you can still have fun in the game. I know this is a point that has been stressed to death and probably way beyond (no pun intended), but it is still true.

I will probably level up to the new level cap as fast as I can anyway, not overly fast, but not overly slow either. I just can't deal with slow leveling on my own part, I'm addicted to seeing the light flash that washes over my character as they reach a new level. That does not mean I'm afflicted with altitis though, as this addiction only manifests while I'm actually leveling. To me alts are there to explore things I didn't necessarily find the first time I went through the content. It's actually amazing how much time I actually do get to "smell the roses" as the saying goes even when doing my best to reach the next level ASAP. I don't mind smelling the roses, but I like having new ones to smell at a reasonable pace. "Reasonable" being subjective of course.

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