November 19, 2008

The rush to level 80

So I reached level 80 last night. It took a lot less time than I expected, I was planning on 1 level a day, but that figure doubled. I was second in my guild to reach the cap, just like when TBC hit, history repeats I guess...

My impression of the 70-80 levelling game was overall a good one. Many times the game felt like a single-player RPG due to the often immersive quests, but in a multiplayer setting, something I enjoyed a lot. Some places even change as you do quests, which is really cool. I think they just change for players who did the corresponding quests though, anything else wouldn't really work in an MMO setting, but I'm not Blizzard so this is just speculation.

I missed my flying mount the first 7 levels though. I do understand the reasoning behind this, and seeing as flying mounts aren't really needed until you hit Icecrown and Storm Peaks that's not really a big issue. I still missed it though.

What I didn't like was the fact that levelling felt like a rush. "Get to 80 so we can raid dangit!" seemed to be the parole, at least in my head. Luckily I'm not in a hardcore guild, so the pressure was mostly from the inside. I already said in an earlier post that when I level I do it as fast as I can, that means no tradeskill levelling until I reach the cap. I did level First Aid though, because I got the materials for it all the time and I got the book to learn Heavy Frostweave Bandage from Drak'Tharon Keep. First Aid really helps when levelling a hunter, I hardly had to sit down and eat, just go on and on and on, using Mend Pet on my pet, Aspect of the Viper when I ran OOM and bandage myself when I was low on health. I even let a mob bring me to 5% so I could get the achievement.

But now the rush is over, so I can take some time farming gold for levelling my professions. I have two crafting ones on my main and I'm too tired of levelling for now to level my gathering alts so I have to buy materials from the auction house, where prices are ridiculous nowadays. Taking some time to finish the loremaster achievement should give me lotsa gold to get the materials I need and for prices to sink to more sane levels.

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